Thanks for stopping by Mama in the Mitten.

My name is Lisa, and this blog will chronicle my many adventures in parenting.

As the name implies, I am raising my three children in the metro Detroit area of Michigan along with my wonderful husband, Jeff.

I will cover a wide variety of parenting topics on these pages, but here are a few things that are important to me that you will find as recurring themes:

Parenting Multiples

I’ve been blessed with identical twins who will be two next month. To say this has been highly influential in my parenting experience would be an understatement. I’ll discuss strategies for managing the logistics of multiples, the unique relationships and interactions between multiple siblings, as well as how this impacts other singleton siblings in the home.

Raising a Vegan Family

My family made the decision to go vegan about two years ago, shortly after the birth of the twins. For us, it’s been a wonderful adventure and we can’t imagine returning to our previous lifestyle and diet. I realize it’s not for everyone, but encourage everyone to give my plant-based recipes a shot. Doing so is great for your health, the environment, and the animals!


My family believed strongly in saving aggressively and spending frugally even when we were a dual-income, childless household. However, when we made the decision to operate as a single-income family so I could stay home with the children, we doubled down on this philosophy. I’ll be covering topics including where to find the best deals on groceries, toys, kid’s clothing, and home goods, as well as deals on dining out (though we don’t often). I’ll also occasionally touch on personal finance topics and strategies that we’ve successfully employed to save more and spend less.

Healthy Living

I love being active, and finding ways to ensure my children stay equally active. I’ll cover topics like ways to stay active during less than awesome weather (we get a fair amount of that here in Michigan), ways to engage children of all ages in activity, and how to form healthy habits as a family.

Parenting in Metro Detroit

I feel blessed to have been able to return home to Michigan to raise my family, and I’ll be sharing info on parenting and child-oriented activities specific to the region for other Mamas in the Mitten.


I love me a project, so occasionally I’ll cover projects here including up-cycling of common goods around the house and home remodeling projects.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, and please let me know what topics you’d be interested to heat more about!

– Lisa